In the application “Yandex.Navigator” has the opportunity to control the playback of music and podcasts. Feature is available through a separate icon on the home screen and switch songs and pause with the buttons, and voice, using “Alice”.

“Music” in the “Navigator” you can minimize to mini-player – then the driver can see the route screen and switch between tracks without leaving the app. With voice assistant you can not only choose or switch tracks and podcasts, but simply to ask: “Alice, give me some cheerful” when the specific song, album or performer does not come to mind.

Music in the “Navigator” is already available to all users from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. During the first seven days to listen to it for free, then you will need to subscribe to “Yandex.Plus”. It includes, in addition to full access to “Yandex.Music”, a free viewing of the content in “IMDb”, and discounts on taxi, car sharing, and other services of a search engine.

one of the main competitors of “Yandex.Navigator”, “Google Maps”, the ability to control your music without leaving the application that was implemented long ago. While the navigation application is “friendly” not only branded Google Play Music, but also with competing stream from Apple and Spotify.

Text: To.Hi-tech