WhatsApp users warned of new threat

the Users of WhatsApp is facing a new kind of online fraud, due to which they can lose access to your account. The essence of the scheme described by Forbes columnist Zac Coffman.

the Journalist recalled that WhatsApp uses your phone number as the unique identifier associated with the account. If the user changed the smartphone or reset the app, messenger should ensure that the new device is in fact attached to his room. To confirm is the 6-digit code that comes by SMS.

the New “wiring” is to lure the user his code. According to Dorfman. criminals could forge messages purporting to come from the administration of WhatsApp or from one of the “friends”.

usually, scammers write with a hacked account in WhatsApp or Facebook, seem familiar, complaining about the inability to log in to your account and ask you to send them a verification code sent to a user instead of his. In reality, however, the victim reports no stranger to code, and his own.

as a result, attackers will have access to all new messages will begin to come on the stolen account. Old correspondence will remain untouched, since it is synchronized via a backup stored on the “Google Drive” or iCloud.

increased protection from hacking, users are strongly encouraged to enable two-factor authentication. This function requires that each input was further confirmed by a password. So, even if the code from the PHONE was stolen, the hackers can’t enter your account.

Text: To.Hi-tech