WhatsApp and Telegram refused to give details of the Hong Kong authorities

Guide WhatsApp – messenger owned by Facebook and Telegram Pavel Durov refused to transfer the users ‘ personal data, Hong Kong authorities, as required by the new law on national security. About it writes The Wall Street Journal, citing company representatives.

the national security Law in Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the PRC was adopted last Tuesday, June 30. Followed the online activity of Hong Kongers fell. Users criticizing the government of China, fear that their social media posts and messages, messengers can be grounds for arrest and imprisonment. The protesters can be accused of separatism, terrorism and undermining state authority.

In WhatsApp and Telegram stated that suspend consideration of requests from vessels in Hong Kong, requiring them to provide data about users. According to representatives of WhatsApp, the processing of such requests “put on pause” until further evaluation of the new law for compliance with regulatory acts relating to human rights.

In the Telegram also announced that they do not intend to treat “any requests for data related to the Hong Kong users, until, until you reach an international consensus against the ongoing political changes in the city.” The company separately said that “never shared data with authorities of Hong Kong in the past.”

Text: To.Hi-tech