The priorities of the Roscosmos: no

Russia does not build grandiose plans for space exploration as the United States, but focuses in this area on other priorities – security, economic and social development and the promotion of fundamental science. About it has told on air of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the General Director of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin.

“We must be very pragmatic. We have this giant budget 10 times our budget, as NASA and we can’t afford any “wishlist”, as we say engineers,” he commented sounding in USA of statements about exploration of the moon and Mars. In early April, U.S. President Donald trump ordered to begin an international project for the development of resource satellite of the Earth, which caused confusion in the Russian foreign Ministry.

the head of the Russian space Corporation has identified three priorities in its activities. This is, firstly, to ensure the country’s combat missile complexes – they “will help all to see, hear and carry out operations”. Second, the Federal space Agency is working on improving the “quality of the economy and standard of life”, developing the Internet connection navigation. Finally, the third task of the state – the “fundamental space”, that is obtaining scientific knowledge about the origin of the universe and of life on Earth.

However, ignoring “the list” does not mean that Russia refuses to create a spacecraft, similar to those on which work is underway in America. Not going to participate in the next space race with the United States, “Roskosmos”, according to Rogozin, began to design their own rocket super-heavy class, such devices will be able to deliver cargo and astronauts to the moon or into deep space like the Starship SpaceX Elon musk. Presumably, super-heavy rocket will appear in our country in 2028, the year.

Rogozin also commented on the plans SpaceX and NASA to launch on Wednesday 27 may (the start is scheduled for 23:33 Moscow time) to the ISS on a Falcon 9 rocket with a Dragon spacecraft Crew, which will be two astronauts. Technique developed byNoah space company of Elon musk, the first trust of people’s lives. This will also be the first launch of the American crew from the United States from 2011 year, when it was closed the space Shuttle program. In recent years Americans get to the ISS rockets, Roscosmos.

Rogozin said that the Corporation observe the preparations for the launch with great interest and not against the competition – earning launches, Russia, according to him, sacrificing nerves and health were responsible for the manned space people, but “it’s not worth it”. “We would be happy if there was an alternative manned transportation system from the Americans. It is a matter of honor and national pride. We wish them success in professional terms,” – said the head of “Roskosmos”.

Text: To.Hi-tech