The first computer Huawei captured on video

one of quiteeasily YouTube-channel posted a short review of the first computer Huawei consumer class. This model is likely to initiate a new lineup of products, which may be officially announced in the near future.

kunpeng banking analyst Chips based on ARM v8 produces “daughter” Huawei – firm HiSilcon. They are made for 7-nanometer process technology and can have up to 64 cores, but is intended primarily for servers. In the first computer Huawei consumer – which is called Huawei PC – used variation of this kunpeng banking analyst 920 chip with eight cores.

the Base of the new PC is the motherboard Huawei D920S10 with four DIMM slots. Video card Yeston RX550 allows the computer to display the image in 4K at 60 frames per second. It also involves 16 GB of RAM Kingston (DDR4-2666) and the SSD with the SATA connector on the 256 GB.

In China the first PC Huawei is already available for 7500 yuan (about 75 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate), however, the system is far from ideal. First of all, the chip kunpeng banking analyst 920 showed nevadalas results in Blender BMW benchmark, completing the rendering in 11 minutes and 47 is much slower than other desktop chips of the latest generation.

additionally, the blogger had to pay another 800 yuan (~8 thousand) for access to the app store, notes Gizmochina. While many of the basic programs such as Adobe, it was not.

Running the PC on a 64-bit operating system, the UOS versions of Linux, created in China. What OS will use the model for the international market, and when it comes out, is not specified.

Text: To.Hi-tech