The expert explained why law enforcement agencies need the data the Russians

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

the head of the Zecurion analytical center Vladimir Ulyanov commented on Moscow 24 news that law enforcement officers can share data with the Russians.

According to experts, security officials critical of the alleged perpetrators is important for rapid detection of crimes, particularly those related to high technology, when the “timing”.

“on the other hand, you need to understand that the access should not be uncontrolled when any person who has a crust, takes the access and in any way uses data. As practice shows, in all organizations, both commercial and public – there are people who use the data improperly, the access to which they have,” – said Ulyanov.

if we’re talking about events related to the implementation of national security or the investigation of cases, then, of course, we assume that access to data should be provided. And now, according to the court, receive such access, so actually we are talking about the same process, the only approvals will be simplified.
Mr Ulyanovskavtodor analytical center Zecurion

Ulyanov sure it will not be a violation of the law on personal data, and employees will be seriously monitored.

“for Example, each Bank has its own security system. And they should understand that data are used by the law enforcement officer, not a cyber criminal. Such cases should be monitored, must be e-zine in which to Deposit data. And you can see who and when accessed,” – said the interlocutor of the Moscow 24.

in addition, I believe that there should not be such that the employee law enforcement agencies could have access to all the data at once. This should be done in the limited access mode.
Mr Ulyanovskavtodor analytical center Zecurion

Minister of St.yahzee Maksut Shadaev proposed designated officers, leading operational-investigative activity, to give access to different types of data on citizens online: government data, data banks, mobile operators and Internet services. Now the access to this information law enforcement can obtain only by court order. It is expected that the move to such a system will be possible by 2024.

Among other proposals, the head of the Ministry of communications – digitalization of public services: provision of full access of Russians to the electronic medical record, the replacement of ordinary passport to digital and the use of biometrics. The main purpose of the changes is to reduce the time of communication of citizens with authorities: this figure should not exceed three hours per year.

Previously, cybersecurity experts have called the most popular passwords last year. They consisted of the most simple combinations of keys: “123456” and ” qwerty.” The most popular password was “QWERTY”. The list also includes “love”, “Hello”, “Natasha”, “love”, “Maxim”, “Andrew” and “sun”.

an Expert in the field of information security Andrey Masalovich explained that such passwords are weak as they are easily guessed. He warned that you cannot use a standard password – date of birth, phone number. And most importantly – you cannot use the same code in different services.

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