The delivery service blamed customs delays of online shopping from abroad

New rules for registration of Express shipments by the Federal customs service (FCS), which entered into force in may, have led to delays in the delivery of international parcels. Some can’t get their online purchases since may 18. About it writes RBC with reference to the representatives of delivery services Boxberry, DPD and SDEK.

According to the Director of Boxberry International Marat Ertuganova, customs was longer than usual to process international packages after in began, in practice, act new order of the FCS. According to him in one customs Declaration of Express shipments you can now include products from more than 100 parcels.

Earlier custom allowed to make one Declaration for 500 items, now employees have to make 5 times more paper. In addition, a tenfold increase in the number of assigned inspections, and with the same number of inspectors customs no longer cope with them.

According to the Director of the Department of international business development DPD in Russia Sergey Denisov, delays in the clearance of parcels from foreign online stores to the customs office began on 18 may and the increase in delivery time from them can range from five days. It does not do in time can up to 90% of cross-border shopping.

In the service delivery SDEK edition stated that the delay is 1-2 days, and a representative of DHL Express announced that the company “does not observe massive problems with parcels at customs.”

In recent years, the Russian regulations in respect of cross-border shopping is gradually tightened. From January 1, 2020, the threshold duty-free import for these orders dropped from 500 to 200 euros, however, now it is valid for one purchase (orders for the month are not cumulative), and the amount of the fee reduced by half – from 30% to 15%. According to the forecast of the Association of companies of Internet trade in 2019, the year the number of parcels received in Russia from foreign online stores, was to reach 450 million units. And the total volume of cross-border trade was estimated at 680 billion rubles.

Text: News.Hi-tech