Can you observe the cameo in the show founder?

A brand new developer diary was published by GSC Game World, after up about the match E3 trailer and supplying more detail about exactly what we were considering, in addition to showing a few easter eggs.

GSC’s Zakhar Bocharov talks about the gunfight in the bandit’s camp found from the trailer, also emphasises the brand new cartoons for installing weapon alterations on-the-go. That is really something of a minor theme in the movie, as it afterwards returns to the (highly notable ) NPC animations and reveals a number of those motion-capture and facial technologies that went into making this appearance.

Bocharov also says that this scene yells a new faction. Fans guess that is speaking to the graffiti found close to the start of the section which apparently contains the Allied for’protector’ (timestamped trailer here), indicating a military faction compared to famous bandit faction. What’s more, Bocharov points out a place found in the trailer, with a heavily-leaning tower, is a place from Stalker: Clear Sky that has been farther afield by time.

Since Skif gets up to depart Pripyat, this guy grabs him and says”good searching stalker.” Fantastic hunting to you also, GSC, and also please bring us something out of the zone .