Marine Le Pen warned Wednesday against the “cataclysmic consequences on the purchasing power of the French people” of the sixth package of sanctions against Russia decided at the start of the week by Brussels, accusing the government of “lying” about the economic situation of the country. country.

“This decision will have cataclysmic consequences on the purchasing power of the French, it will contribute to worsening the price of oil, of course, and, incidentally, of gas and therefore of electricity”, the finalist worried on France 2. of the last presidential election.

The leaders of the 27 EU countries reached an agreement on Monday which would see them cut their imports of Russian oil by some 90% by the end of the year in order to dry up funding for Moscow’s war in Ukraine. .

“If we no longer buy oil from Vladimir Putin, others will buy it, it’s as simple as that. In reality, therefore, there were other measures that we could implement with the effort of producing countries in the world”, denounced the deputy of Pas-de-Calais.

“It is the choice of sacrificing the purchasing power of the French,” she judged, stressing, as she hammered it during the presidential election, that families who “can no longer make ends meet month”.

The MP for Pas-de-Calais, who met Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Paris on Friday, shares with him the idea of ​​taxing oil tankers.

“I advise you not to believe a word of what Bruno Le Maire and indeed the whole government says” about the economic situation of the country, “because they have already lied in the past”.

The Minister of Economy said Wednesday on France Inter that he did not believe in a risk of recession.

According to Marine Le Pen, when the government “says that the tariff shield will cause electricity prices not to catch up, he is lying, there will be a catch up of that probably in 2023”.

“They lie until they can’t help but tell the terrible truth which is the consequence of their incompetence: we will probably go into a recession,” she insisted.

But according to her, the increase in the Smic to 1,500 euros advocated by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Nupes to improve purchasing power is “unfair and threatening”, which “will only concern people who have the Smic”.

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