Update from the 23. November, 22.03 PM: Even if the FC Bayern is planning to continue with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeness in the chief days: The rumors of Oliver Kahn will not tear off. This is now on a TV appearance at the weekend, “Sky90”. Because Kahn has canceled this appointment, officially for personal reasons.

The Bild newspaper speculates that this is due to the rumors of the new FC Bayern Board. Since the days of Kahn is silent on the rumors and the cancellation of the performance in the context of the next Bundesliga Matchday.

So could it be that Kahn could have a good chance, and doesn’t want to lose. In this score, the blade strikes at least. In the case of a Kahn could talk to the Job at Bayern – with the rejection he avoids this.

Update vom 23. November, 10.13 PM: Oliver Kahn, the new strong man in the leadership of the FC Bayern? Karl-Heinz Rummenigge wants the conversation with Uli Hoeness, would in turn aspire to, however, (initially) an extension of the contract with the old CEO.

Kahn, the new Bayern Boss? The sports Board could be an old Acquaintance – it Salihamidzic

Update vom 22. November, 15.55 PM: the Return of Oliver Kahn as the official back to Bayern? Also, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that Kahn, as an Association-in-chief had, in the meantime, the game is far more than just a thought at the Munich. But what role he will take on exactly what happens, actually, with sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic?

A scenario could be that Kahn is initially learns in the role of sport Board of management of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. For Salihamidzic is no more space would be actually. According to SZ information age of well-Known plays in the minds of the Bayern bosses is a significantly more important role: Max Eberl, the head of sport of Borussia Mönchengladbach. Prior to the employment of Salihamidzic, he was regarded as the candidate of choice by Uli Hoeness, at the end of Eberl, however, remained in the “foal”.

As now, but a big break is looming at the Säbener Strasse, the Job of the sports Board for Eberl interesting. With Kahn as the Executive boss. “For years,” the former Bayern Keeper “eagerly” to a call, said according to the süddeutsche Zeitung, a close friend of Kahn. You may receive this call has already been made.

Bavaria Plan with the Titan: The three Kahn-scenarios

Update vom 22. November, 9.54 PM: The topic of Oliver Kahn and Bayern will always be hot. But what role could take on the Titan at the Säbener Straße and how goes it then, with Uli Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge? The image has outlined three possible scenarios.

scenario 1: Oliver Kahn goes the beginning of 2020, as a sports Board and would then form with Rummenigge, a Tandem, that is to say: The Bayern Boss extended his end of 2019 expiring contract.

scenario 2: Kahn rises to 2020 directly to the Board boss and inherits Rummenigge, the time taken over the office of the Supervisory Board-Chairman (currently of Uli Hoeness clothed). Hoeness would be then President.

scenario 3: Kahn 2020 Board boss Rummenigge assumes the office of President and Supervisory Board Chairman, and Uli Hoeness ruled out completely.

it is Clear: In each scenario, Kahn will sit on the Board, which is likely to be for this certainly is a condition. Hasan Salihamidzic for example, does not attend this as a sports Director.

Oliver Kahn as Bayern Boss? Pizarro: “I believe that …”

Update vom 22. November, 7.05 PM: no Matter in what Position Oliver Kahn in the case of a restructuring of the FC Bayern would eventually land: now the message about a possible Rummenigge follow-on strikes by the Titan high waves. Even the competition would find such a train on the move wise.

“Oliver Kahn was a Top player (…), formed after the career on many levels for the business of football well, and has been further developed. To do this, he has the necessary Bayern-barn smell. The fit,“ says, for example, Michael Preetz (51, Manager Hertha BSC) of the image. And Rudi Völler (58) found that the Titan can do the FC Bayern Munich only to well: “Regardless of the Position: Logical Olli Kahn has the quality and charisma. He would be an absolute win.“

A, Oliver Kahn is especially well knows, is Claudio Pizarro (40). For six years (2001 to 2007) played the two together in a Dress of Red and picked up for FC Bayern during this time, some title. What would he think of the Bayern-Boss Kahn? “I think he can,” the Peruvians, according to the tabloid. He makes the particularly to one thing: “He has the character you need for this Job.”

Bavaria Plan with the Titan: Oliver Kahn already in 2019, the successor of Rummenigge? The message

Munich – A view on the table is sufficient to know, as is currently the case, the mood at the Säbener road looks like. In the League to rank five slipped, a whopping seven points behind the summit-topping Borussia Dortmund. Accustomed to success, FC Bayern is going through a crisis and, as in almost every crisis of the recent past, the Munich-based bosses Uli Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge see themselves forced to Act.

Already longer the idea of a necessary change is rattling around at the German record Champions, 2019, a big Cut could be made. It is not a month, as Hoeness announced in the next two to three years of his office as President and the Supervisory Board to resign. Possibly 2019, sthe suitable candidate open f.

But not only Hoeness‘ term of office ends in 2019, also Rummenigges contract as CEO runs until the end of next year. It is a rearrangement of the Bayern leadership on the horizon. According to the information of Sport Bild, the FCB bosses have a clear favorite, who could take on this role: Oliver Kahn.

Oliver Kahn: Ready for a Post at FC Bayern

prior to the setting of Hasan Salihamidzic as a sports Director, Kahn was offered this Post, but the former Bayern Keeper refused. “I was preoccupied at the time with the development of Goalplay and with my head in a completely different world,” says Kahn this decision today. What is likely to have also played an important role: As the Director of sports Oliver Kahn would not have sat in the Board of Directors.

Philipp Lahm is said to have declined after his career end in the summer of 2017 the Job, among other things, for this reason. For Kahn, it is likely to be important, to stand with Hoeness and Rummenigge on one level, and thus to have a certain amount of decision-making power. Not for nothing the role of Hasan Salihamidzic in the FCB is ridiculed again and again, tired.

And how does it look today? Hoeness, and Kahn since the career end of the goalkeeper in close contact and regularly exchange information. Stand-Kahn due to his many entrepreneurial activities in the last few years could not have, his attitude changed. Responded to a possible Post in the Munich-based management Kahn in the sports Studio of the ZDF, said: “All in good time.”

asked by Sport Bild, as this Expression is to understand for now, said the 49-Year-old: “I said, because you can never exclude anything.” A denial sounds different. The sports image is sure: Oliver Kahn would join as a Board. The only question is: For whom?

Oliver Kahn: successor of Rummenigge FC Bayern Munich?

As already mentioned, also Rummenigges contract with the FCB. It is conceivable that the Bayern-switch Boss in the Supervisory Board and Uli Hoeness as Chairman to replace, this still retains as President, his seat in the Council. Kahn would get the Post of the Chairman of the Board. It is clear also: The Post of sports Executive Board would take Kahn to the maximum, for a transitional period. Since the summer of 2017 Hasan Salihamidzic holds the role of sports Director, but not in Range of a Board.

in February 2017 Kahn had emphasized that a Position as a sporting Director for him is out of the question. In December of the same year he pushed as for a return to the FC Bayern: “it depends on the task.” In the meantime, the task seems to be at the FCB but also Kahn appeal.

That he has not returned a year ago, or even earlier, to the people of Munich as the person in charge, is also due to his lack of experience, as Kahn stressed to Sport Bild: “Typical for my CV is that I have not plunged into tasks for which there is a lack of me in one way or another experience. Both as an athlete and today as an entrepreneur, I have developed continuously and the necessary Know-how built up over time.“

Meanwhile, the titanium, however, is managing partner and founder of the “Goalplay GmbH”. He also holds the Board chairmanship of the “Titanoen Media AG” and directs the “Oliver Kahn Foundation”. At FC Bayern, now is the time for a break. Possibly the Same goes for Oliver Kahn.

suitable way, is also the Ex-Bayern Munich Star Lothar Matthäus, Oliver Kahn for the succession of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.