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“Roskosmos” has developed a method by which you can hide confidential information in the territory of Russia from surveillance of spy satellites. With terrestrial radio you can drown out the transmission of data from foreign satellites, reports RIA Novosti.

“In the periods of time when protected area falls within the field of view of the onboard equipment of the spacecraft observation, it is necessary to provide blocking reception onboard those spacecraft-repeaters, which are located in the zone of direct radio visibility of this spacecraft observations,” – said in the “Roskosmos”.

we are Talking about the creation of the electronic network of ground stations, whose activities will be aimed at the suppression of the signals when transmitting data from the satellites, optical, infrared and radar observations at the relay satellites, which provide data transmission on terrestrial reception points.

the Developers said that this method of interference can be used only if the spy satellites are out of sight of ground stations in their countries and are therefore unable to transmit captured images directly.

in addition, it is specified that for guaranteed blocking foreign satellite feeds we need to use several stations.

the Authors stressed that the implementation of the project is necessary to compile a database of foreign intelligence satellite systems, as well as to determine the composition, placement of domestic stations jamming, the order of work and the range of possible problems.

According to the statement, “Roscosmos”, the blocking of the channels expeditious transfer of data from spy satellites will not allow foreigners “to identify in real time the activity of the controlled parties in the early stages of training and in conducting its various activities.”

Previously, the Corporation “Roscosmos” showed pictures of a number of Russian cities taken from space.

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