Spoiler note: In this Text, some spoilers for the game “Red Dead Redemption II”. If you want to read an impression of the author of the game with less Details, you will find a dispute by the end of October. Meanwhile, our Tester has played the game.

The redemption will take place on the summit of a mountain. Twice even. Once the lonely become Outlaw dies to protect his last companion, and once a man decides to be a Good return. With one shot, without saying a word.

“Red Dead Redemption II,” the redemption in the title, and it shows in moments like this, that it is the masterpiece might have been, for it often is held. At least one reads in texts in which the game is being praised, in which is said that it will change the game world. You must not hope that to be true.

Because “Red Dead Redemption II” is, in many ways, cutscenes, graphics, and mood – a great game. It is back but in a playful way a step.


The beginning is slow. What is not bad, after all one learns here, the Outlaw Gang, Dutch van der Linde. Failed after a botched Robbery, laboriously through the snow, trudging, just in time to save so being able to get in the cold. The game draws here a portrait of the Battle. Tired warrior, lost people, struggling just to Survive – to soon after, back in their familiar activities to fall back: Raids start. And to get money, to be able to put a stop to this.

would Rather take barren as meditative

While other games now travel, brakes “Red Dead Redemption II”. Arthur Morgan, a part of the gang, and for long stretches of the game, the Protagonist, rides from one Mission to the next and lays back a long way. A very long way. A saving fast travel function will only be introduced later and is also limited in such a way that you will hardly use.

You like to see the travel as a meditative Exercise, as a deceleration. If, however, more than half of a minimum of 60 hours of extensive game consists of pressing the left Stick on the Controller forward and press the X button, the more barren than meditative.

What is also due to the fact that it is difficult to develop a sense for Arthur Morgan. John Marston – the Protagonist of the first part and also part of the gang, was a character that grew up in his shrewdness and endearing naivety to get quickly to the heart, so Morgan revealed only slowly.

A doomed love story is relegated to a secondary line in a few missions. His illness makes him more vulnerable and pensive, seems to change but with a few coughing fits a little on his strength and his Can. Late he is to a broken and thus interesting character, is always on the go.

The little history lesson will end in Nothing

The landscape is not so pale as in the beginning feared. The plantations, avenues and haunted swamps of the South to create a magic of its own. Here Rockstar creates a dense landscape full of wonderful lighting effects, swirling fog and full of secrets.


The game is not therefore a poet, because it looks not only beautiful, but short story breathes; women demonstrate for their right to vote, the rule of the plantation owners.

But the little history lesson ends in Nothing. From the struggle of women in a short-Romeo-and-Juliet-adaptation, racism is no longer an issue. Hardly anything goes in-depth on political issues, act as attractions to be ticked off and then forgotten.

An inappropriate travel

A tour group to Arthur Morgan lands Also because of a residence in the South is abruptly interrupted: after a shipwreck on a Caribbean island and right in the middle of a riot. This happens suddenly and is inappropriate. The game turns it is a Chapter long in an “Uncharted”clone – Islands in the blue sea, the castle ruins and the waves of the stump against the player starting at the end of opponents including.

Unfortunately, however, the fluid combat system of “Uncharted”, the elegant Duck, cover and shoot. Here you will falters again and again in forward gear, shall not cover, because the control system provides for the just. Trying to target enemies, in order to determine that you have not selected a weapon, because it has stupid looted way before a dead enemy, what the weapon selection is sometimes – but not always – back sets. You will be transferred to the Plunder automatically from the squat in the upright posture, makes it even better.

It is little things like this that make wish that “Red Dead Redemption II” not only on the graphic top-class, but also on the liquid and, above all, consistent Gameplay optimized. So the pieces move, cumbersome and always choppy. Horses soft time large rock blocks alone, you will be taken to the full run of a thin sapling. What is not only annoying, but also pretty stupid that looks and some Mission brought to Failure.

This is annoying. Also because the game is so much work, so much love for the Detail has been inserted. That horse testicles change depending on the outside temperature, is a very excessive outgrowth.

It is missing a red thread

You could stop “Red Dead Redemption II” at almost any point, and for a long time to employ, how it looks in the immediate environment what animals are running around as the light changes, how dramatic the sky looks like and be inspired.

“Red Dead Redemption II”

There are the moments in which you “could Red Dead Redemption II” for a masterpiece. Moments that you can share with great pictures in social networks. But as soon as you move again, you realize the Void between the beautiful pictures. There is a common thread, a bracket is missing.

so, what would be a good story. But here she is thin. You can take the story of the slow dissolution of the van der Linde gang as an allegory, as a narrative about the end of the Wild West. As an escape, which ends only with death, as a withdrawal of the struggle against capitalism, against the industrialization. As a weakening of hope, to find his place. Only a Robbery, only once a lot of money to procure – that is the not-fulfilling the dream of the Outlaws.

You can take but also as a narrative in which the authors knew at some point, as they should to bring you to the end.

DISPLAY Rockstar Games:
Red Dead Redemption II

video game; PlayStation 4; PEGI 18; 54,99 Euro

“Red Dead Redemption II” is one of the most ambitious games ever developed. It tries to be a part of American history compressed in a wonderful landscape. It is in his good moments, up to date, saves not of criticism, and is full of brilliant dialogues. And fails but in the end, his Ambition, loses focus, drags, such as Dutch van der Linde and his gang. Until the end of the credits, a further salvation.

“Red Dead Redemption II” of Rockstar Games, for Xbox One and Playstation 4, starting from about 60 euros, no youth release