Almost 140 years old, the Board game “Reversi”, which is played until today in various variants and under different names. The most important Element of game pieces that are white on one side black on the other side.

The game reminds a little bit to Go. Because even with “Reversi”, is about to surround different colored stones on the Board. If this succeeds, you are allowed to turn all of the enclosed stones of your opponent – you can change their color.

you should now play here, but not a game of “Reversi”, but on a 4×4 fields, Board a black-and-white pattern. At the beginning all 16 stones with the black side up. At the end of black and white pages to alternate, like the colors on a chess Board, where the top left is a stone with the white side facing upwards – see image above.

If you are likely to turn stones individually, that would be, of course, not a challenge. Is, however, allowed only that you are turning four stones at once. These four stones to form a square – so a 2×2 bricks large Block.

how many trains you can get the stones White, the sought-after Black-and-patterns form? What is the smallest number.

the following interactive Player you can try to solve the Problem. Just click in the middle of the four tiles that you want to turn around. The Player counts the plays and shows, if you have found the solution. You can start the game at any time all over again, the counter is reset to Zero.

again the target constellation: The stone on the left of the top of his white side, all the other stones change the color from field to field like a chess Board.

1 | 2 to 1. Part: Sent 2 is rotated. Part of: click Here for the solution