Putin:we must support the demand for the products of Russian IT companies

Vladimir Putin during the meeting for communications and IT industry thanked the Russian telecommunication company, specialized professionals that an increased load has provided continuous and high level of essential services. The President noted that those companies that went to meet growing demand, has provided free services, eventually increased its user base.

However, it is important not to lose sight of the difficulties now faced as the industry itself and the economy as a whole, Putin said. First of all, this is a possible forced reduction in spending of real sector on innovation software and related services. For objective financial and economic constraints many businesses simply not enough resources for such development programs. It is therefore necessary to support the increase in demand for information technology.

“I Appeal to colleagues in the government and in the regions need to pay close attention to measures to support demand for the products IT companies and for the domestic market, especially the domestic market, but also exports. There is need to constantly develop and offer additional solutions to ensure the stable operation and further development of the industry,” he said.

the President noted that the coronavirus restrictions are motivated to actively implement digital solutions to increase the efficiency of their work. Digitalization is important not only in business but also in public services, in education and medicine, said Vladimir Putin.

“we Need to catch these trends. Trends in the transition to digital. To take an example from companies-leaders of digitalization”, — Putin said.

Putin also said about the need to create conditions for accelerated development and implementation of information technologies in the field of communication and IT. The President noted that in the framework of the national project “Digital economy” many of the solutions already provided, and instructions were outlined in the Message to the Federal Assembly in January of this year

the Head of state also noted that the critical issue for the development of communication sector and IT is the training of professionals. Putin noted that the experts determine the competitiveness of Russian companies, the success of Russian developments.

Putin noted that professionals need to create open, attractive, competitive conditions for work and implementation of innovative ideas in Russia.

“And here at us in Russia. To generate incentives for the conservation and realization of the potential of domestic software developers, technology in the field of communication, to attract professionals, young people, young people from other countries”, — stressed the head of state.