The president of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse publicly mentioned Wednesday in full session of the regional council the departure of the prefect of police of Paris Didier Lallement, before retracting.

“With regard to security issues, we will have to wait for the appointment of the new police chief,” said the former LR presidential candidate before being interrupted.

“No, we don’t have a departure of the prefect of police announced this summer?”, she then asked, before changing her mind: “I am not in the secret of the gods”.

The indiscretion caused laughter in the assembly, including those of the regional prefect Marc Guillaume, present at his side for the presentation of the new State-region plan contract (CPER).

“Sorry for the prefect Lallement if I buried him too quickly,” said the regional president again before moving on to the examination of the additional budget.

Aged 65, Didier Lallement, criticized for his muscular vision of maintaining order, has been at the head of the Paris police headquarters (PP) since March 2019, after the ransacking of the avenue des Champs-Elysées during of a mobilization of “yellow vests”.

Implicated for his management of public order during the incidents that occurred around the Stade de France during the recent final of the Champions League, the prefect of police had recognized “a failure” and imprecise figures on the number of counterfeit tickets or fans without tickets.

Several police sources reported to AFP that Didier Lallement had already mentioned, well before the Stade de France fiasco, his desire to leave the “PP” at the end of the summer to return to his original administration, the Court of Auditors, before retiring.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Lallement, “excused because of Covid”, according to the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, was absent from the current affairs session of the Council of Paris in which he usually participates.

The mayor found it “incomprehensible” and “particularly inelegant” that the representative of the State, to whom she said she had offered to speak by videoconference, was not at least represented when he had been the day before.

She expressed her “indignation at this very disrespectful treatment” of the municipal assembly.

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