Purchasing power. The government presents Thursday a package of measures for purchasing power of around 25 billion euros supposed to mitigate the effects of inflation on households, a project announced for weeks but suspended until the legislative elections and then the reshuffle, and which will be a first major test for the executive in the Assembly. Food voucher of 100 euros and an additional 50 euros per child, fuel discount of 18 cents and energy tariff shield extended, revaluation of pensions, social minima and civil servants’ remuneration, Macron bonus, abolition of the TV license fee, etc. . : the government plans to act in all directions, after more than 25 billion euros already spent since the end of 2021, in particular to compensate for the rise in energy prices. Concretely, two texts will be presented Thursday in the Council of Ministers: a draft amending budget for 2022 in order to finance the aid promised, and a purchasing power law including in particular the revaluations of 4% of pensions and social minima, which require a text dedicated.

Assembly. Beyond the measures, and the day after the Prime Minister’s general policy speech, this purchasing power package will be the first real test for the government in the Assembly, where the presidential camp only has a majority. relative. In particular to the Finance Committee, now chaired by Éric Coquerel, deputy La France insoumise. Bruno Le Maire and Gabriel Attal will be heard by the Finance Committee of the National Assembly.

Ecuador. Less than a week after the signing of an agreement between the government and natives who were demonstrating against the high cost of living, discussions will begin in Quito.