New gadget will help the shy Dating

the Panasonic has invented a new device for the shy and faint-hearted, which will increase their chances of successful introduction. Put it on, and potential partners can learn about each other without words, just shaking hands. About it Вестям.Ru reported in a press-service.

the Gadget to silent Dating Human Body Communication System (HiT) looks like a smart watch, but with the special chip inside. Exchange of information occurs when one “source” touches another. This bracelet uses a weak electromagnetic field that is generated around each person.

“the User can prepare and write almost any data about themselves, their habits, preferences, feelings, and more, – told in the Panasonic. – They arrive on a special secure server and can then be downloaded to the device of another user”.

In Japan, HiT-the device has already experienced ZWEI, one of the largest local Dating services. The company says that the number of lucky coincidences in the pairs after meetings with the use of HiT is twice as high as normal parameters.

“I understand that this is a real success HiT when one of the girls, without success attended the evening Dating for two years, finally found her perfect partner,’ said one of the developers of the device Rio Yamada. Bracelet HiT on her behalf reported the interest with which she was hesitant to share, and they coincided with the interests of one of the male participants”.

the System communicates through the electromagnetic field of humans began to appear in early 2000-ies. However, due to instability of when this technology is not yet suitable for commercial applications, for example in smart homes or cars.

Text: News.Hi-tech