“Montchalin is lying”, offended the leader of rebellious France Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Tuesday, after the new Minister for Ecological Transition Amélie de Montchalin justified not having voted in 2018 to ban glyphosate, “for leave no one unsolved”.

“I do not regret one thing, it is to have considered that this subject was European”, affirmed the minister Tuesday morning on France Inter, questioned on her vote against the prohibition of glyphosate, weedkiller classified “probable carcinogen”, in 2018, when she was an MP.

“As a member of parliament, I had made a completely assumed choice, which we do not want to go it alone (…) otherwise, it is our economy, it is our producers, our farmers, that we are leaving in the panade”. “On glyphosate, I assume, this is precisely the method we want to push: we act in Europe, then we act to leave no one without a solution, so we do research, we look for alternatives, we make investments”, she further explained.

“Montchalin is lying,” reacted Jean-Luc Mélenchon on twitter. “The ban on glyphosate had to be done right away. Macron gave in for 3 years, then for 5 years. And in 5 years, just a re-examination of the situation. Macron has no weight in Europe”, a- he lamented.

On twitter, the deputy Matthieu Orphelin, author of the amendment which aimed to ban glyphosate, recalled that the rejected text nevertheless included “all the necessary derogations to leave no farmer without a solution”.

The leader of the LFI deputies, Mathilde Panot, also reacted by tweeting: “If you still have doubts about these people who continue to let multinationals poison us. Vote for the candidates of the NUPES and glyphosate will be definitively removed”.

The New Popular Ecological and Social Union, which brings together La France insoumise, EELV, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party, provides in its government program the banning of pesticides, such as glyphosate.

The national secretary of EELV Julien Bayou for his part was ironic about the words of Ms. Montchalin, who explained a little earlier that she did not have an EELV card, but “very strong convictions on climate change and the biodiversity, just before assuming his vote against the ban on glyphosate”. “Stunt performed by a professional: not to be reproduced at home”, tweeted Mr. Bayou.

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