French coach Christophe Galtier has signed up for two years with Paris SG, replacing Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino. The technician, who calls himself “demanding” to end the era of bling-bling, was inducted on Tuesday, July 5, by the president of the Parisian club Nasser al-Khelaïfi. A presentation which allowed the new coach of the reigning French champion to lay the groundwork for his new position.

The new pilot of the Parisian ship, champion of France surprised in 2021 at the head of Lille, treated his entry, admitting that he understood “skeptical people” as to his inexperience in European games, but also ensuring that he will know ” imposing” his grip on a five-star locker room.

“I measure very precisely the responsibility given to me. I prepared myself for it”, insisted the one who has just had a mixed season at the head of OGC Nice (final of the Coupe de France, 5th place in Ligue 1) and has never won a single match in the League. champions, for only six matches played. “If I accepted these responsibilities, it is because I am capable of it. »

It therefore took a month and a half, after the resounding announcement of superstar Kylian Mbappé’s extension, for the Qatar Sport Investment (QSI) club to complete the almost complete overhaul of its organization chart, with Luis Campos as sporting director and Galtier as a coach, a powerful doublet when she worked together within Losc.

The former Saint-Étienne coach must above all symbolize the “end of glitter” and the return to “reality” promised by Parisian President Nasser al-Khelaïfi.

“We want to start something new […] The goal will be to play better, to work harder, to play together, to be a team. He knows how to do that,” ‘NAK’ said on Tuesday, hammering home that Galtier “was the number one option from day one,” despite insistent rumors of Zinedine Zidane’s possible arrival.

The Qatari leader can be satisfied to finally be able to pose alongside the new coach in front of the photographers, because the negotiations have been tough. It was first necessary to find a financial agreement with the Nice club, reluctant to let go of its free coach. Then negotiate the departure of Pochettino and his staff, who had one year left on their contract, after 18 months in the capital.

The one who becomes the third Frenchman of the Qatari era after Antoine Koumbouaré, quickly landed in 2011, and Laurent Blanc (2014-2016), has already laid the groundwork for his mandate.

From Tuesday afternoon, place for his first training session. Galtier promised that he would adapt “to the workforce at (his) disposal”, but there will be “no compromise”. “Respect, requirement, work” will be the key words, “there will be no player above the team” and “if unfortunately players come out of this framework, they will be removed”, he said. struck without detour.

This native of Marseille, after having assured that he had “put aside (his) origins” and his past as an OM player, also confirmed that no player would be recruited without his agreement, also conceding that the The workforce was to “be reduced”, without, however, giving the names of its undesirables. “You can’t have players in the locker room who don’t play, because when you don’t play, you’re unhappy,” he said.

Reputed to be a good leader of men, adept at strong defenses and quick counter-attacks, “Galette” also knows that in Paris, “you have to play well”: “there will be a different approach to the game” compared to his former clubs, assured “Galette”, while announcing that he was leaning towards a tactical scheme with three central defenders.

What about the attacking trio, made up of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé? The Argentinian will quickly have the opportunity to discuss his positioning with his new coach, as he anticipated his return to the capital on Tuesday. The Brazilian, with an uncertain future, has the blessing of Galtier who ‘wants Neymar to stay’ at the club.

As for the French world champion, he is “one of the best in the world”, but “we are not going to give him all the weight of the result, to add pressure to him”, evacuated the new coach. The pressure is now on Galtier’s side.