The taste of Marc Lambron for the mythologies in the contemporary is known. Include memory Lee Miller, Andy Warhol and Ségolène Royal, to which he devoted a portrait on its way, swaying, kaleidoscopic. This is the same method that the writer uses to Michael Jackson. Certainly, it had the life and work of the singer, a knowledge that has been excavated, but, beyond, reflect on the imprint that was left by this singular being.

to Be a destiny begun in Indiana with the Jackson Five and completed at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Meanwhile, millions of discs have been sold, and an image has been forged with blows of the clips and plastic surgery, that of a being in the process of mutation morphological and psychological. What Lambron summarized a formula: “The frégolisme plugged in.”

These shortcuts to a vibrant, funny, quirky or elegant, are the paw of the author. Under his pen, the metaphors, images, analogies abound, with the sole purpose to seize closer to the …

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