His candidacy caused a lot of ink to flow. Journalist and activist Taha Bouhafs, invested in Vénissieux by La France insoumise in the New Popular Ecologist and Social Union (Nupes), was under fire from critics for his conviction for “public insult because of origin”. He was eventually ousted due to internal party proceedings after a sexual assault charge.

LFI aligns a little more than 300 candidacies on the 577 of the Nupes, which are distributed among the left-wing parties. All will be officially filed in the prefecture by Friday, May 20. If the Taha Bouhafs candidacy controversy was averted in time, could other candidates be a problem? Review of the troops.

In the first constituency of Val-d’Oise, LFI has invested Leïla Ivorra. The young woman already appeared in the media in April 2018 when the Tolbiac university in Paris was evacuated, occupied by students on strike for several days. Rumors report a serious injury by the police, who would be in a coma, according to testimonies relayed by the Reporterre site. In a video to the Media, she claims, facing the camera, to have witnessed the facts. “The first thing we saw was a guy in front of the gates with the war all blown out, a huge pool of blood,” she describes, adding that she “saw a fire truck that came to get the person who is currently in a coma with internal bleeding.”

For hours, the media tried to cross-check the sources, while the police headquarters or the AP-HP denied that the Cleanliness of Paris said it had cleaned up nothing that looked like blood that day… Leïla Ivorra admits finally, with Release, not to have been a direct witness of the event that nothing accredits. In a live video from the Brut media, she also assured that she “wasn’t inside”. We also see her that day on images facing CRS with Taha Bouhafs, outside the university. Since her inauguration, she has not returned to this episode of her student life.

A “historical canal” dieudonnist. Azelma Sigaux, daughter of Jacky Sigaux – sidekick of Dieudonné who appeared in pajamas with a yellow star in his shows –, was invested in the 2nd district of Haute-Loire by LFI. This anti-species activist, member of the People’s Union parliament, was a member of the most factious branch of the Yellow Vests. She notably justified the fire of the Puy-en-Velay prefecture in 2018, when 18 police officers and gendarmes locked inside the building were injured. The prefect of Haute-Loire, Éric Étienne, recently accused her of having made “defamatory remarks” during a live Twitch – Azelma Sigaux accused the police of having abused her “comrades”.

Member of the People’s Union parliament, Yellow Vest candidate for the

Danièle Obono, the outgoing MP for the 17th district of Paris and a candidate for re-election, has been criticized by some Onsoumis elected officials for having called Houria Bouteldja a “comrade” – the spokesperson for the Movement of the Natives of the Republic (MIR) who s had his photo taken next to a sign reading “Zionists in the Gulag” which openly advocates “rejection of white people”. In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, in January 2015, Danièle Obono wrote on her blog that she did not see “Charlie cried” and considered that the march in support of the satirical newspaper was a “first-class funeral” for the left. More recently, the MP spoke out in favor of racial non-mixing in certain meetings.

Aymeric Caron, anti-species activist, supporter of Mélenchon and president of the Ecological Revolution for the Living (Rev), is a candidate in the 18th district of Paris. In 2017, invited on the set of C à vous, he then explained that he wanted to establish “a license to vote” so that “the uneducated and irresponsible citizen” could no longer have “a voice in the chapter”.

Danielle Simonnet, councilor of Paris, was invested in the 15th district of Paris by La France insoumise despite her defeat in the second round of the early legislative elections against the socialist candidate Lamia El Aaraje. After revelations from Le Parisien in 2017, she opted for a funny explanation when she had to explain her refusal to leave her low-rent housing. “I don’t want to stay in private and participate in financial speculation,” she tried to justify herself…

David Guiraud, national speaker and youth spokesperson for LFI invested in the 8th district of the North, had caused a controversy by describing the Forbidden Zone documentary on radical Islam in Roubaix as “manipulative and untruthful”. He notably accused the director, Michaëlle Gagnet, of having “manipulated people”. Finally, Manon Monmirel, substitute for outgoing deputy Éric Coquerel, candidate in the 1st constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis, had posted a noticeable message on her Facebook account on the evening of the results of the European elections in 2019: “That France and all French go fuck their mothers. Fascist country. »

“Yes, I dealt, I swear!” “The confession, launched Tuesday, May 10 on the set of Cyril Hanouna, comes from Louis Boyard, candidate in the 3rd constituency of Val-de-Marne. Former president of the UNL, a high school student union, he explains that he gave in to a proposal to make money “at a time [where he was] in trouble”, to pay for his studies. “I’m not going to say it was a good thing, don’t do it”, warns the young man, who prefers to assume this mistake of youth, which according to him demonstrates that it is poverty that pushes young people to give in to traffic money.

Finally, some at LFI are known for their fiery character. There is in particular Alexis Corbière, who is seeking a second term as deputy in his seventh constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis. At Radio France, we remember in particular behind the scenes of a debate on the evening of the first round of the presidential election in 2017. On the air, Yannick Jadot had criticized the Insoumis for the complacency of Jean-Luc Mélenchon with the Serb Milosevic. In the corridors of the Maison de la radio, Corbière is furious and ready to do battle with the ecologist. “You’re a piece of shit”, he yells in particular, before journalists from the station intervene to prevent it from degenerating.