In an eight-minute televised address from the Élysée, Emmanuel Macron estimated that a government of national unity, a hypothesis he would have tested with several leaders received on Tuesday and Wednesday, was “not justified to date” . The Head of State also took note of the “fractures” shown by the result of the legislative elections and assured that he wanted to “build compromises” with his opponents, urging them to “clarify” their position by Friday evening.

On Wednesday, members of the Renaissance group (ex-LREM), MoDem and Horizons nominated the Minister for Overseas Territories, Yaël Braun-Pivet, to be the majority candidate for the presidency of the National Assembly next Tuesday.

The Socialist deputies elected Thursday Boris Vallaud at the head of their group. On the Green side, Julien Bayou and Cyrielle Chatelain will be “co-chairs”. On Wednesday, Aurore Bergé was elected president of the Renaissance group, Laurent Marcangeli, close to Édouard Philippe, took over as head of the Horizons group. André Chassaigne was reappointed as head of the Communists and Olivier Marleix will lead the 61 LR deputies. Jean-Paul Mattei was elected new president of the MoDem deputies.

Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne said Thursday evening on LCI not to “ask questions” about her future at Matignon, despite calls for resignation made by the opposition. Asked if she would be “on borrowed time,” she replied, “I’m not asking myself those kinds of questions, I’m taking action. »

“Going to meet the French is what I have always done. It doesn’t scare me, it doesn’t impress me,” said Elisabeth Borne, when asked by LCI about her ability to face a National Assembly with powerful opposition groups.


Another battle is being played out in the hemicycle for the presidency of the Finance Committee, which must go to a member of the opposition. Left and RN are sharpening their weapons: LFI Éric Coquerel and RN Jean-Philippe Tanguy are “candidates”, while PS Valérie Rabault says she is “interested” in the position. Voting will take place on June 30. The groups of the Nupes coalition (LFI, PS, EELV, LFI), which held their first intergroup meeting on Thursday and promised joint proposals, particularly on purchasing power, assured that they would present “joint candidacies” to other key positions in the Assembly.

This Thursday at 7 p.m., Olivier Faure will speak at the national congress of the Socialist Party. The first secretary will speak on the results of the legislative elections and will take stock of the situation in the National Assembly since the second round of June 19.

This evening, I will speak at the National Council of the @partisocialiste on the results of the electoral sequence and on the situation opened since June 19. Let’s meet at 7 p.m. live on my social networks and on the party’s YouTube:

Nearly two-thirds of French people believe that the relative majority obtained by the macronie in the legislative elections is “a good thing”, recognizing that the RN is the winner of the ballot, while 57% want Élisabeth Borne to leave Matignon, according to an Odoxa poll for Le Figaro. The fact that no political force has obtained an absolute majority in these legislative elections is “rather a good thing, because it gives a real role to the National Assembly”, believe 64% of those polled, satisfied that “the government must convince part of the opposition to pass the laws”. A third (33%) of respondents believe that “this makes the country ungovernable and risks blocking France”. A majority of French people (53%) say they are “satisfied” with the result of the ballot box on Sunday, while 80% of those questioned believe that it is the National Rally that comes out “rather winner” of the ballot.

Nupes will hold an “intergroup” meeting each week. While the first of its kind was held Thursday at the National Assembly, the next is expected Tuesday, for a duration of 1:30.

After the reception at the Élysée Palace of all the party leaders, Élisabeth Borne will discuss by telephone with the group presidents: Aurore Bergé for LREM, Jean-Paul Mattei for the MoDem, Laurent Marcangeli for Horizons, Marine Le Pen for the RN, Olivier Marleix for LR, Mathilde Panot for LFI, Boris Vallaud for the PS, Julien Bayou and Cyrielle Chatelain for EELV. “We are trying to find the way with this new Assembly,” explained the head of government on the sidelines of a trip to Île-de-France, saying she was waiting for “an explanation of what (the opposition political forces) are ready to be done by tomorrow, as the President of the Republic mentioned” in his televised speech on Wednesday evening.

During a press briefing on Thursday, Elisabeth Borne announced that she would discuss today and tomorrow with the presidents of the parliamentary groups in the National Assembly. “I am confident, the political forces and deputies want our country to move forward. For my part, I am at work on very concrete projects. At the same time, there are exchanges with the parliamentary groups to find the way and vote on texts in the Assembly, “she said, according to comments broadcast on BFMTV.

Blockage in the National Assembly: Élisabeth Borne will meet the leaders of the parliamentary groups and say she is “confident”

“For us, it is very clear, the Finance Committee belongs to Nupes and, within Nupes, to La France insoumise. The question that arises is: is LREM ready on the contrary to give the Finance Committee to the Front (sic) national? “, declared Julien Bayou, co-president of the environmental group in the National Assembly, at the microphone of LCP on Thursday. The deputy elected in Paris considered it “legitimate” that LFI’s allies in the left-wing Nupes coalition should obtain the presidency of this coveted post and vested in a deputy from an opposition group.

“The finance commission returns to Nupes and within Nupes to La France insoumise”, declares the co-president of the environmental group @julienbayou.

Winner against Manuel Valls in the 5th constituency of the French abroad, Stéphane Vojetta returns to the presidential majority. “For my part, I have always been clear: dissident or not, once re-elected, I will rejoin the presidential majority. Faced with the difficulties awaiting those who want to reform France with Emmanuel Macron, it is now necessary to close ranks, ”wrote the re-elected MP on Twitter.

For my part, I have always been clear: dissident or not, once re-elected, I will re-enter the presidential majority. Faced with the difficulties that await those who want to reform the with @EmmanuelMacron, it is now necessary to close ranks.

Invested by the presidential majority to represent the French abroad, Manuel Valls had been eliminated in the first round, a new fiasco for the former Prime Minister after the failure of his candidacy for municipal elections in Barcelona. Stéphane Vojetta had decided to stand up to this “parachuting” while promising, if elected, to remain “a loyal support” of Emmanuel Macron.