Posters glued to the neoprene spray, a text message with a photo in stride to Emmanuel Macron who validates while laughing. “To Sabrina, he generally answers within thirty seconds,” smiles Sylvain Souvestre, who accompanies him. He is the mayor of this sector straddling the eastern districts of Marseille, a former Republican who passed to the macronie in the gnashing of teeth of a legislative constituency clearly located on the right. She is a phenomenon. Film producer from Félix-Pyat, one of the poorest cities in the city center, Sabrina Agresti-Roubache, 45, has become in a few years the unbreakable umbilical cord which connects the President of the Republic to the Marseille city.

“I didn’t have any demands, I didn’t ask for anything. Simply, I have lived and worked in these neighborhoods for years, I realize that I know everyone, I do not have to be assigned to my city of origin because I am a beurette from the neighborhoods “, she laughs, twisting her slender figure, never at rest, on a chair of her permanence. Still, the regional councilor, close to Renaud Muselier, with whom she made the link with the Élysée, is the natural and sparkling symbol of a Marseille social elevator that Emmanuel Macron adores. And that his wife Brigitte pampers, firstly because she shares a priority vision of education and pedagogy.

Here, Marine Le Pen came in front in the second round of the presidential election, with 52% of the vote, after having already taken the lead two weeks earlier. With 27.8% of the vote, she made her best score in Marseille. Even if Franck Allisio, the departmental delegate candidate here in the 2017 legislative elections, chose to change constituencies to try his luck on the side of Vitrolles and Marignane, the establishment of the RN is strong. She will be played by Monique Griseti, borough councilor and… Allisio’s aunt by marriage. It is mainly based on the tilting of part of the LR electorate. “We see it on the field, it is really split in two, notes Sabrina Roubache. The name Marine Le Pen often comes to mind. At the beginning, I was even a little apprehensive because of my surname. But I realized that it didn’t really matter. »

Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, has planned to come and support her next week. “She has the right profile, because she brings people together and moves the lines,” continues Sylvain Souvestre. “With her, it’s direct, she doesn’t bother with politics, she prefers to give everything to keep the local police station open. She is part of this generation that works and does politics for others. “Atypical, hard-hitting, protected from the president… The enmities obviously exist among those who, within the presidential majority, see in it “a devouring ambition” or “a way of breaking the codes which borders on anything big. You need a minimum of organization in politics,” stings a local elected official. Which doesn’t seem to traumatize her. “I give everything, I want to win. But if it doesn’t work, I’ll do something else. But she will never be far away.