LREM will not present a candidate against outgoing LR deputy Damien Abad in the fifth constituency of Ain for the June legislative elections, its general delegate Stanislas Guerini confirmed on Friday, while Mr. Abad is the subject of speculation about a possible rallying to macronie.

“I confirm to you that we will not invest a candidate in this constituency,” said Stanislas Guerini on France 2. Because the presidential majority wishes to “welcome the posture of responsibility and the clarity” of the boss of the LR deputies in the between two rounds of the presidential election when he clearly called for Macron to vote against Marine Le Pen.

“Damien Abad, at a time when his political party was once again choosing not to make a choice between the far right and Emmanuel Macron, in a ni-ni, a form of ideological and political sinking of his party, s ‘is set back in an extremely clear way,’ said Stanislas Guerini.

“That does not mean that he agrees with the whole program carried by the President of the Republic, otherwise he would have joined us and would be invested by the presidential majority”, he added.

The majority, united under the “Together!” confederation, has announced the names of its candidates in 548 of the 577 constituencies in recent days, although it should ultimately give up presenting candidates in about fifteen territories.

The fifth constituency of Ain was particularly scrutinized because Damien Abad, president of the LR group in the National Assembly, is the subject of speculation about a possible rallying to the macronie, tenfold since the revelation of a recent meeting with Thierry Solère , ex-LR who became an adviser to Emmanuel Macron.

At the end of April, Damien Abad was also one of the only two to abstain in the LR strategic committee during the vote on a motion affirming the “independence” of LR against Mr. Macron.

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