He will not be a candidate in the legislative elections in his stronghold of Tulle. Believing that he “had (t) no vocation” to become a deputy again, François Hollande announced to the newspaper La Montagne, Friday, May 20, not to submit a candidacy. “I exercised for more than 20 years the mandate of deputy of Corrèze before becoming president of the Republic, so I had no vocation to return there, except in exceptional circumstances”, he indicates in this interview, to a few hours before the deadline for submitting applications.

Specifying this “exceptional circumstance”, François Hollande indicates: “If the Socialist Party after the presidential election had decided to rebuild itself and to call to reappear at the time of the legislative elections with personalities who had exercised power. He decided not to recast himself but to merge into an unbalanced agreement on the electoral level and not credible on the programmatic level. “If links (l) ‘united to Corrèze”, François Hollande affirms that he had no “reason to be a candidate”, thus sweeping away a hypothesis which had recently emerged.

In this first constituency of Corrèze, the ex-president will support the binomial of the “progressive left” Annick Taysse-Philippe Brugère. “Their candidacy corresponds in this constituency to the aspiration that is mine, that of rebuilding a socialist, progressive left, capable of representing a credible alternative to the current power between the far right and a radicalism that does not allow convincing. »