The first secretary of the PS Olivier Faure denounced Wednesday the “excess” of Emmanuel Macron who, by calling for a “republican outburst” for the second round of the legislative elections, suggests that “now we are macronist or we are anti-republican”.

“What excess, what excess! From now on, we are Macronist or we are anti-Republican. By dint of summoning arguments of authority of this nature, he suggests that the country would now be in the grip of anti-Republicans everywhere”, regretted Olivier Faure on France Inter.

“It’s madness and the words lose their meaning”, he added, assuring that “the reality is that obviously we are Republicans and that the Republican vote is first and foremost the vote” .

The head of state called for “a republican leap” for the second round of legislative elections on Sunday, during a speech on Tuesday from Orly airport from where he was flying to Romania and Moldova. He urged voters not to add “French disorder to global disorder” and give him a “solid majority” on Sunday.

“Me or chaos, this is what Emmanuel Macron tells us, as if he had not led to chaos. You are in a country where we have never experienced so many demonstrations, fractures, he is the one who opposed, permanently divided,” said Olivier Faure.

The deputy of Seine-et-Marne assured that “victory (of the left united in the Nupes alliance, editor’s note) is possible”. “We have fallen into another world. We were around 150 to be present in the second round of the last legislative elections, today we are more than 400”.

Asked about the polls which never give this possibility in their analysis, Olivier Faure underlined that “the polling institutes themselves are very fragile, they do not know how to project the results of the first round on the second, nobody knows what ‘we call the carryover matrix, how will the voters who voted neither for Nupes nor for La République en Marche behave in the second round”

06/15/2022 10:14:42 –         Paris (AFP) –         © 2022 AFP