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A decree detailing the July 5 session of the National Assembly was published on Wednesday in the Official Journal. It makes noise since no vote of confidence is mentioned at the end of Elisabeth Borne’s general policy speech. The question is not yet settled, said the Prime Minister.

Yaël Braun-Pivet announced the result of the vote for the election of the three quaestors of the National Assembly. The deputies chose Éric Ciotti (LR, 367 votes), Marie Guévenoux (Renaissance, 378 votes) and Éric Woerth (Renaissance, 356 votes). Bastien Lachaud (Nupes, 158 votes) is not elected.

“The masks are falling”, denounces Julien Bayou, co-president of the environmental group in the Assembly after the two RN candidates for the six vice-presidential positions received nearly 300 votes each, much more than the 89 RN deputies that account the hemicycle. Environmentalists had presented two surprise candidacies to lead to the vote and show that the presidential majority was ready to vote for the RN. “We have an assembly that represents the French and their diversity, we must comply with it” to bring this representativeness to the office, defends Aurore Bergé, president of the Renaissance group (ex-LREM), assuming that the deputies of the majority have voted for the six candidates provided for in the original agreement, including the two RNs. “We are very satisfied with this vote, the RNs are deputies like the others”, adds Jean-Paul Mattei, president of the Democrat group (MoDem), when the RN Sébastien Chenu is pleased to be elected vice-president: “Now , the composition of the office reflects what the Assembly is.”

The deputies of the National Assembly voted and chose their six vice-presidents. Yaël Braun-Pivet, the president of the perch, announced the six winners who are: Valérie Rabault (PS), Sébastien Chenu (RN), Caroline Fiat (LFI), Élodie Jacquier-Laforge (MoDem), Naïma Moutchou (Horizons) and Helene Laporte (RN). Two elected RNs are thus among the six vice-presidents. Sébastien Chenu obtained 290 votes and Hélène Laporte, 284. Naïma Moutchou obtained 373 votes. Elodie Jacquier-Laforge, 373; Valerie Rabault, 367; and Caroline Fiat, 297.

This Wednesday, the deputies must agree on the distribution of the posts of the office of the Assembly: 3 quaestors, 6 vice-presidents and 12 secretaries. Having failed to find common ground this morning, we must therefore go through the vote. For the vice-presidency, the first round of which has just ended, 8 deputies are candidates… including Sandrine Rousseau and Benjamin Lucas, from the environmental group, who were not provided for in the Nupes agreement. It is a question of “blocking the RN” and its two candidacies by proposing two alternatives to the majority, defends Benjamin Lucas. “It’s up to her to take responsibility.” “The majority does not present any candidate for the vice-presidency – leaving two places to its allies Horizons and MoDem – LR either. Environmentalists claim to want to push the majority and LR to “clarify their position”, agrees Cyrielle Chatelain, co-president of the group, while her counterpart Julien Bayou regrets the disappearance of the Republican roadblock against the RN, seeing “the other groups which favor the access” to these desk positions. “It suggests that Les Républicains have a deal with the majority”, in particular to keep a post of quaestor, fumes Olivier Faure, boss of the PS. “Obviously, there is a majority forming before our eyes. It might seem anecdotal, but there are complicities that play out and give an idea of ​​what the five-year term will be like. »

The PS did not appreciate that some of its members, current or past elected officials, gave their support to dissident candidates. According to Le Parisien, 57 socialist candidates and 22 substitutes have been suspended, and even risk exclusion. Indeed, the management of the PS told the Ile-de-France daily that it had launched an exclusion procedure against these political figures. Are concerned, in particular, François Hollande, Carole Delga or Stéphane Le Foll.

Fabien Roussel announced this Wednesday morning that he wanted to table a bill intended to lower fuel prices at the pump. “I will introduce legislation today to immediately lower gasoline taxes by 35 cents,” he said. Its text planned to “tax exceptionally on 2021-2022 the profits of oil companies, including Total”. The government quickly rejected this proposal from the PCF boss. “There is no question of introducing a tax”, declared Gabriel Attal, while Bruno Le Maire explained that a tax on “superprofits” would not be a sufficiently effective measure and would not allow the French to see prices drop at the pump quickly. For his part, Clément Beaune announced on France 2 that the government would “ask oil companies to make an effort to lower prices at the pump”.

As the 16th legislature opens, the battles are fierce in the hemicycle to snatch the key positions. Find explanations of all upcoming issues

After her visit to Family Planning, the Prime Minister supported the inclusion of the right to abortion in the Constitution. “It must be included in the Constitution at national level – we will find the right way to include it – but it must also be included in the Charter of Fundamental Rights at European level”, affirmed the Prime Minister.

From the headquarters of family planning, the Prime Minister affirmed that her decision had not yet been taken concerning a possible vote of confidence in the National Assembly. “It’s something I’m still thinking about,” she told the media.

On Wednesday, “Ouest-France” reveals that the former Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer should seize the Constitutional Council in the coming hours to contest his defeat in the legislative elections. According to him, “the sincerity of the ballot” would have been altered by Bruno Nottin (Nupes-PCF), his opponent who beat him to 189 votes. The left-wing candidate would have “violated several electoral rules”, according to the former member of the government. This Wednesday is the last day to seize the Constitutional Council on the result of the legislative elections. Read also Blanquer: after his political knockout, his social death?

Marine Le Pen accused the majority on Wednesday of wanting to make a “political diversion” with its proposal to include the right to abortion in the Constitution, while specifying that the RN has “never questioned access to abortion”. “The reality is that En Marche! is making a political diversion because it does not want the focus to be on the main concerns of French people today and their difficulties, which are purchasing power, security, immigration out of control”, denounced on France Info the president of the National Rally group in the National Assembly, considering that “the right to abortion is not questioned by anyone”. Read also Right to abortion: “The process of secession is in the decision” Asked about the positions of several RN deputies comparing abortion to genocide, Ms. Le Pen replied: “There is a political movement , this political movement determines a political line which is voted by the members, I have been carrying it for ten years” and “the line of the movement is very clear: we have never questioned access to abortion”.