The Castex page turns. While Friday officially marks the end of Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term, the Prime Minister bade farewell to Matignon staff on Wednesday, then Thursday evening to ministers, invited to a buffet in the gardens with their spouses. On the spot, were present, according to Le Parisien, all the members of the government with the exception of Jean-Yves Le Drian and Clément Beaune, busy launching his campaign for the legislative elections that evening.

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If he is a candidate neither for his succession, nor for a ministry, nor even for the legislative elections, Jean Castex affirms in front of his guests to leave without “any bitterness”. “Because of their exceptional character, these functions are not due to anyone,” he said. Whoever leaves them should not conceive of any bitterness, but on the contrary of gratitude. In a speech that sounded like a political farewell, he reminded his troops, “Never forget that we are only servants!” Political action is collective action. Ambitions are legitimate, but they are only worthwhile if they serve the collective. In a “warm” atmosphere, the ministers then gave him a standing ovation and a rugby shirt signed by all members of government.

Moved, Jean Castex expresses his regrets, but also his joy, at the time of leaving his functions. “For me, the adventure is over,” he announces. It is a political necessity. My feelings are not contradictory: I think this development is necessary and I obviously regret, at the same time, leaving my functions here at Matignon where I was very happy. “He returns in particular to the many obstacles which marked his 600 days at the head of the government, health crisis in mind. “We have passed trials and there is a growing difficulty in managing the public good. I am fully aware of the difficulty of the task. »

Jean Castex is expected to resign in the coming days. On Sunday, he will lead a French delegation to the Vatican on the occasion of the canonization of Charles de Foucauld. The future head of government, a woman a priori, according to confidences of relatives of the president should be hard at work for a first council of ministers on Wednesday or the following days.