Former presidential candidate Yannick Jadot will continue politics and his “fight” for ecology, his entourage assured AFP on Tuesday, three days after his appearance in support of an environmental candidate for deputy.

He then came alongside Eva Sas – who had taken her line to the EELV congress in 2019 – on a market in the 8th district of Paris, where she is running on behalf of the New popular ecological and social union ( Nudes).

But his entourage had not warned the press before, contenting himself with communicating on the “tour” that Yannick Jadot would not fail to carry out with the environmental candidates by the first round of the legislative elections, on June 12.

“Yannick Jadot’s fight is ecology and his place in society, he has no intention of changing fights,” said a relative, when asked about the future of the former candidate, sharply defeated on April 10 (4.6%).

He makes many political meetings, reported this relative, excluding however any possibility of discussion with the macronie with a view to entering the government.

If he will not run for the head of EELV at the November Congress, the statutes of the party preventing any parliamentarian from doing so, the MEP will be keen to exert his influence on the line which will be decided, confided this source: “Are we perpetuating the environmental pole with Generations and Generation Ecology by Delphine Batho or are we becoming a satellite of La France insoumise?”

Yannick Jadot said at the end of April his opposition to any domination of the formation of Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the left. But with its nearly 22% in the presidential election, the Insoumis stimulated and gave the “the” of the agreements that created the Nupes with the PS, the PCF, Generations and EELV.

But Mr. Jadot does not intend to speak more in the press about this alliance: “Having a concern without having so much influence on the issue does not make much sense”, explained his entourage. Yannick Jadot’s priority is that there be “as many ecologist deputies as possible in the National Assembly”.

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