Your personal data ? “Technical control-free” honey. The start-up created in 2016 by the former HEC Jonathan Habersztrau offers motorists their technical control in an authorized centre in exchange for information on their vehicle, as the number of kilometres driven or maintenance work carried out. The more information given, the more their addition lighter.

Good to take, while the average price of a technical control was 67 euros in 2017, and the procedure will tighten, which increases the risk of cross-visits. The company markets the data entrusted to them from companies in the automotive sector, which therefore recover mission-critical information on their markets. Each control offered him money. Goal for July : 0.5% of market share, that is 6 000 inspections per month, to achieve balance.

Remains that all of the people alléchées do not go up at the end of the form, which asks for information which is really very personal, such as a credit card number, or the amount of the tax. While the start-up claims over 37,000 enrolled since its inception, only 5 500 motorists have benefited from a technical control free so far. But the investors believe in it, since the company has raised $ 2.6 million beginning in 2018 in order to ensure its development.

Jonathan Habersztrau du tac au tac

If it is free, it is the motorist of the product?

No, at we the motorist provides the data, this is not a product that we sell. He knows exactly what he gives and why. Moreover, it is not known as Facebook knows its users, because it cannot be seen only every two years.

Facebook also, what do you think?

Personally I find that Facebook is wasting time, and I cancelled my account there has already been a year.

Why your form he asks if I want to renovate my windows ?

We are also interested in the housing sector, with the objective to expand our customer base of brands.

And this question about what “I expect from an insurance” ?

We also want to work with the insurance companies, by providing them with a better understanding of their customers.

And you, you pay for it, your control technique ?

In torque, this is not me who manages this folder. But we need to iron out the technical control in 2018, and this time I think we’re going to go through my site. This has already made my banker !

HAS to KNOW. A business break-in

€ 1 million turnover

12 employees

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the $ 2.6 million raised to 2018