Purchasing power, health and climate are the three “emergencies” that the government must address. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has set three watchwords for her ministers: speed, efficiency and results. “The first weeks of our action must be devoted to responding to the emergencies of the French,” pleaded the head of government, after a two-hour meeting at Matignon with all the ministers.

Taking office in mid-May in a context of high inflation, Elisabeth Borne has set three priorities, starting with purchasing power, which will give rise to measures as soon as parliamentary work resumes after the legislative elections (12 and 19 June). “We agreed that there should be no oversights or blind spots. In addition to retirees, employees, the self-employed, public officials, I asked my ministers to pay particular attention to students, “she said to the press.

As hospitals face a shortage of staff, Elisabeth Borne said she asked the ministers concerned to make proposals to her “very quickly” to take effective measures for the summer. Finally, the head of government said she wanted to carry out the ecological planning project “at a fast pace”, calling on all ministries to mobilize and participate. In order to follow up on these roadmaps, the Prime Minister announced that a government seminar would take place before the end of June around Emmanuel Macron. And that she herself would bring together the ministers in the same format every month at Matignon.