The mod that is accessible allows you hang out at a buddy’s map, but maybe not much else.

Just do not expect do have the ability to do much more than hang around and see the fireworks.

As seen by PCGamesN, alyx-multiplayer is a relatively easy mod that allows you invite a buddy into Half-Life: Alyx at a really restricted manner –as the floating faceplate of a Blend scanner, drifting along with jittering about Alyx as a sort of robot friend.

Considering that the mod just tracks head rotation and position, you can not just do much but float around as an excess set of eyes. Physics interactions and sport conditions are not shared between gamers. It is basic, but the modding community is nothing if not resourceful–after all, attempts to eliminate the VR in the VR-exclusive name have come a very long way because the game’s launch.

Alyx-multiplayer is totally free to get over on its official website , with complete directions for accessing you and a buddy setup for kinda-sorta-cooperative experiences.