Google launches analogue AirDrop on Android smartphones

At Google, confirmed that they will soon launch similar to Apple’s AirDrop function, which allows you to quickly transfer the files from one Android device to another. Beta new features – Share Nearby – is already open to some users.

“we are currently testing a new feature Nearby Share, which we describe more in the future, – said the publication of Android Police, Google representatives. – Our goal is to run this function with the support of devices with Android 6+ and other platforms.”

Earlier Nearby Share was seen in prior builds of Chrome OS Canary. This means that it will be available including hrobuchak.

Nearby Share will work by analogy with AirDrop on Apple devices. It will allow you to quickly and wirelessly transfer virtually any content – photos, videos, links, and even tweets on a nearby Android smartphones. Before the device can receive a file, it will need to make “visible” to other settings.

On a similar function – Quick Share – work in Samsung. Unlike AirDrop, it allows you to transfer files up to five friends at once (AirDrop – only one at a time). The advantage of the Google implementation is that Nearby Share will be available on Android smartphones from different manufacturers, not just Samsung.

Text: To.Hi-tech