German Gref told how limiting the use of gadgets

the family of Herman Gref trying to strictly control the use by children of electronic gadgets, trying to minimize the load. The head of Sberbank said in an extensive interview to TASS, part of which was devoted to modern approaches to education.

According to Gref, up to a certain time of the youngest son, who is now five years, generally were not allowed to mobile devices. But in the end gave up: “it is Now impossible to restrain him, he grabs the iPad, robot favorite story. Try to play no more than an hour a day.”

In this case, said the President of “Sberbank”, “war” continues: my son likes to watch cartoons on the iPad screen, and the parents put him in front of a large screen at the proper distance.

According to Gref, the involvement of children in social networks and online games – “a huge problem”. So in Moscow the private school that the President of “Sberbank” for several years funded from personal funds along with other investors, provides tracking of these activities and the minimization of “Network load on the child.” According to the head of “Sberbank”, in the training program at the school included the rules of cyber behavior in virtual space and “digital hygiene”.

Text: To.Hi-tech