An improbable crossover created from an improbable friendship

Fortnite is crossing with Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn book series having a skin that is in-game, things, along with a themed loading display.

Pretty much everybody and everything has spanned over with Fortnite now, from all kinds of Marvel characters, to Fall Men , to Terminator and Sarah Connor, to Predator, and much more.

Not that there is anything wrong with Mistborn. I have read and appreciated Sanderon’s The Way of Kings, the first publication in The Stormlight Archives, and I have no doubt Mistborn is just another fantastic series. Nonetheless, there are approximately a million other literary characters that I would have predicted coming into Fortnite earlier Kelsier – specifically, any video game or comic book movie character . However, as Sanderson himself explains, there is a fairly unlikely friendship in the source of this Fortnite x Mistborn crossover.

“We labored on Infinity Blade back in the afternoon. He asked if I had been thinking about sticking Kelsier to the match –and that I thought it was trendy. So we have been working on this for a month or two.”

Sanderson also says more crossover articles is on the way, but there likely will not be much more .

“They will release more, however, do not anticipate a massive crossover event. It is only a little interesting thing which I am doing with my buddy, who appears to have inadvertently made one of the most well-known games of all time.”