LFI deputy for the Somme François Ruffin on Monday accused the “wolf Macron” of becoming “sheep” during the legislative elections, assuring that the president will do nothing for purchasing power and ecology once he will have a majority in the Assembly.

“For Macron, there is still an election and the wolf must become a sheep, the wolf Macron must show his white paw at the door of the sheepfold, he must put honey in his voice to say look how I am going to do ‘ecology, look how I’m going to do social “, quipped the former journalist on RTL.

“Once he has a majority in the Assembly, the wolf will become a wolf again, he will do everything to ensure that CAC 40 companies earn money, so that they do not pay taxes”, he said. -he adds.

“He will not fight for there to be purchasing power for the French, for there to be ecological measures that are taken,” he further accused.

Regarding the future tenant of Matignon, Mr. Ruffin said he had no expectations: “if he is looking for a woman from the left, with a lot of quotes, to carry out a right-wing policy, I don’t see the point” .

“He will be a collaborator of Mr. Macron, as he generally wiped his feet on his prime ministers, so that’s not going to change the situation,” he continued.

As for his first term, the deputy promised, if he was re-elected after the legislative elections of June 12 and 19, to limit his salary to the minimum wage.

“It gives me an additional reason to want the minimum wage to be raised to 1,500 euros” net, explained Mr. Ruffin, in reference to the update the day before by Jean-Luc Mélenchon of this electoral promise, increased from 1,400 to 1,500 euros for take inflation into account according to the leader Insoumis.

Since May 1, the monthly Smic is at 1,302.64 euros net.

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