A backpedal in good and due form, in the heart of the storm. In an interview granted Thursday, July 14 to Le Parisien, Caroline Cayeux returned to her remarks in 2013 concerning marriage for all, which recently resurfaced after her appointment to the government and which aroused the indignation of the LGBTQIA community. The Minister of Territorial Communities has widely said that she “regrets” her words in which she notably asserted, nine years ago, that same-sex marriage constituted “a headlong rush”.

“I understand that these stupid and clumsy remarks could hurt so much”, admitted the member of the executive, before showing my paws: “I want to renew here all my most sincere apologies, because they do not reflect at all my thought “. Invited to speak on this growing controversy on Tuesday on Public Senate, Caroline Cayeux had again been talked about by claiming to have “many friends among these people”. “I measure how shocking and painful this expression was for many people,” said the former mayor of Beauvais. “This emotion touches me all the more personally as this statement goes against my total determination to fight against all forms of discrimination,” she added.

While several anti-homophobia associations announced on Wednesday that they had filed a complaint against her, the minister indicated to the daily that she sent them a letter of apology. “I want them to know that they will always find me by their side in their fight against discrimination and for equal rights,” she also said.

After the outcry caused by the appointment to the government of Damien Abad, accused of rape and attempted rape by several women and presumed innocent, and since dismissed, the executive is going through a new media tornado, just two months after the victory of Emmanuel Macron.