The Evry court on Tuesday pronounced the end of the procedure against the former elected LR Georges Tron, who was being sued for defamation by his former chief of staff François-Joseph Roux.

The latter had summoned Mr. Tron, 64, because of comments he had made in the newspaper Le Monde in 2012.

In an article, the former secretary of state defended himself against the rape charges brought against him. In particular, he accused his former chief of staff of having suggested to the complainants the “scenario” which they had described to the investigators.

Precisely, Mr. Tron was prosecuted for the following sentence: “The scenes of sapphism described by the plaintiffs seem straight out of La Religieuse by Diderot, author prized by Mr. Roux”.

The defense filed conclusions of nullity before the hearing, to which the lawyer for the civil party did not oppose.

“On reading these conclusions I come to tell you that I am withdrawing”, announced to the judges Me Philippe Mialet, representing François-Joseph Roux.

The court therefore declared the end of the proceedings against Mr. Tron, who was present at the hearing.

Mr. Tron was released at the end of March from the prison of Health, where he had been incarcerated since his conviction on appeal for rape and sexual assault in February 2021.

Thanks to a sentence adjustment, the former mayor of Draveil (Essonne) is now on an electronic bracelet and free to move during the day.

At the end of a procedure with twists and turns, Georges Tron and his ex-assistant for Culture in Draveil, Brigitte Gruel, had been found guilty on appeal of having imposed touching and digital penetrations in November 2009 and January 2010 to a municipal employee , under cover of plantar reflexology sessions.

He was sentenced to five years in prison, two of which were suspended.

24/05/2022 16:29:10 – Évry (AFP) – © 2022 AFP