Elon Musk called on to share Amazon

Elon Musk called on to share Amazon, calling the company Jeff Bezos monopoly. As usual, an eccentric statement, the head of Tesla and SpaceX is doing on Twitter.

According to the businessman, Amazon uses its monopoly on the market, a “monopoly is wrong.”

Review the Mask was published in response to a post by another user, who lamented the fact that Amazon refused to sell his book on coronavirus infection in the marketplace. Later, representatives of the Amazon commented on the situation, stating that the book was withdrawn from sale due to a technical error and will soon return to the store.

it is Worth noting that Amazon as the company that owns the trading platform has long been under the scrutiny of antitrust authorities. Many politicians, including the former candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Elizabeth Warren call to divide on the part of major technology companies.

Warren has also proposed to introduce anti-monopoly legislation the concept of “platforms for General use”. This will include companies with annual revenue of over $25 billion offering for General use on the Internet marketplaces, or exchanges of a platform for communication between the parties — thus, the definition of get and Amazon, and Facebook, and Google.

“Almost half of all e-Commerce goes through Amazon. More than 70% of all Internet traffic passes through sites that are owned by Google or Facebook. These companies use their own resources to suppress small business and also for the substitution of the interests of the American people of their financial interests,” said the Senator.

If such initiatives are implemented, for example, the Amazon Basics brand need to be detached from the Amazon Marketplace, and Google’s advertising network from search engines. It is also proposed to repeal many anti-competitive mergers of technology companies, the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram company Facebook, Waze, Nest and DoubleClick, Google, and Whole Foods and Zappos by Amazon.