Melee may not be your first option in a confrontation, but these suggestions will make you much better at it regardless.

Cyberpunk 2077’s melee battle system was admittedly rough once the game launched. But between constant mods and updates, things have been searching to your melee mechanic and CD Projekt Red’s fire project on the whole.

While the melee system may have some staying kinks to work out, players may still have fun using a melee build, whether that is with fists or by speccing into the Blades Tree. Here are some of the best melee fighting tips we’ve found that should help players make the most from melee combat.

Together with the Cyberpunk melee system, enemies have a fairly small list of moves they will unleash depending on how close V is to them, which is displayed clear as day throughout the Beat on the Brat Missions. For example, Cyberpunk 2077’s melee combatants generally unleash these motions:

A combo attack of three to four maneuvers, which usually involves a kick or strong attack.
Some guard-breaking move accompanied by a big swing, for example Rhino’s push to a haymaker.
Two or one swift swings with a melee weapon.
The thing is, these motions are pretty simple to fool the AI into performing over & over. By way of instance, if players stick insanely near Rhino throughout her fight, focusing only on counters, they’ll notice that she drops back to the push into haymaker move 95 percent of the time. Understanding how to control the AI is a simple way to have an already powerful melee build and make it stronger.

Enemies seem to suction themselves (normally in the middle of the cartoons ), even when their feet are firmly planted! Luckily, this bug has also seen some subtle developments as time has passed.

Luckily, that the counter-system is a bit more reliable. However, for those who aren’t convinced in their response time, running out of a combo-string also functions as long as V is in full sprint.

Attempting to complete the Beat on The Brat sidequests with no Gorilla Arms is similar to trying to headbutt a wall until it crumbles. It is possible, but it’s not exactly the best approach. Here is a list of drawbacks to attempting the Beat on The Brat sidequests with no Gorilla Arms to establish a point.

Enemies can damage V through their counter/block.
Punches don’t do any harm.
It is much more difficult to stun enemies generally.
When players unlock and install the Gorilla Arms, it feels like they simply increase V’s melee damage. But they actually include their own mechanic at the type of the Charged Strong Attacks.

A new UI bar shows up when V lets their fists fly — this pub charges up as V lands more conventional hits. The higher the UI receives, the more harm V will perform the next time that they unleash a strong attack. The damage increase from this isn’t negligible either; it is pretty hefty at max cost.

As easy as the Gorilla Arms are, they aren’t the sole Cyberware that helps V out at a pinch. There’s really quite a few Cyberware that are especially useful for a melee construct.

Adrenaline Booster: Returns a percentage of V’s stamina whenever they defeat an enemy. (Based on its rarity).
Shock-And-Awe: Has the same effect as the Microgenerator, but the jolt triggers on-hit rather than at a percentage of wellbeing. (According to its rarity).
Bionic Lungs: Increases total endurance by a percent. (Based on its rarity).
And that is just a portion of the Cyberware technical for melee combat. It doesn’t even come near to covering them all.


The following tip is less about one time melee combat and more about how players may enjoy themselves a little more with a melee build in Cyberpunk. Countless melee-master V roleplayers have unintentionally offed themselves by hitting volatile containers or getting shredded by a Safety Turret from afar. But, there’s a remedy to this, and it’s quite straightforward. Remove the safety steps beforehand!

Shooting all the containers may make it a bit hard to go in most”stealthy,” but turning off cameras and turrets is incredibly easy, even with a basic Cyberdeck. Additionally, V’s swing (particularly with melee weapons) is rather wide, so eliminating these”landmines” before the big showdown will make the sport more enjoyable overall.