The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, traveling Friday afternoon in the Loire to support young candidates of the presidential majority for the legislative elections, pleaded for a limitation to three of the number of legislative mandates.

“The place must be made for young people, for those who will have a different outlook, new ideas for the country. So doing three terms is very good, but not one more,” he said. in front of journalists after a stroll through the streets of Saint-Etienne.

“I believe in renewal in political life. I think it is essential to give way to new faces, look at Quentin, look at Shannon”, he launched, referring to the candidacies of Quentin Bataillon, 28, and Shannon Sebban, 26, in the 1st and 4th constituencies of the Loire.

“I have always told the inhabitants of the 1st district of Eure, where I had the honor of being elected for 15 years (note: 2007, 2012 and 2017), that I will only serve three terms” , added Mr. Le Maire, assuring that he “always kept his word”.

According to him, French political life would be “more peaceful and would work better if all political leaders kept their promises”.

“I resigned from the senior civil service, the President of the Republic too, I believe that this is the renewal of political life. And this is what will reconcile our compatriots with public life”, concluded the Minister of Economy.

27/05/2022 21:09:28 – Saint-Étienne (AFP) – © 2022 AFP