The head of EELV Julien Bayou and the deputy for Isère Cyrielle Chatelain have been appointed to the “co-presidency” of the environmental group in the National Assembly, while Sandrine Rousseau will be a candidate for the vice-presidency of the Palais-Bourbon.

This co-presidency, a tradition of environmentalists, will be “de facto” because article 19 of the regulations of the National Assembly provides for only one name per group presidency. EELV hopes to see this rule changed. Concretely, the co-chairs will hold the press conferences and coordinate the group of 23 deputies together.

Julien Bayou, 42, a former activist for the right to housing and against tax evasion, has been national secretary of EELV since November 2019. He faced Valérie Pécresse in the second round of the regional elections in Île-de-France in 2021, without winning. Cyrielle Chatelain, 34, is little known to the general public. This holder of a master’s degree in entrepreneurship in social and solidarity economy worked in a federation of associations for integration through housing, then in the metropolis of Grenoble.

The party also announced the other key functions of the group: the former senator and head of Génération.s Sophie Taillé-Polian will be vice-president in charge of the Nupes intergroup, Charles Fournier will be vice-president in charge of external relations , the number two of EELV Sandra Regol will be vice-president, the relatives of Yannick Jadot Sabrina Sebaihi and Éva Sas will be co-spokespersons and the president of the New Democrats and former macronist Aurélien Taché will be treasurer.