Algorithm the personnel officer will calculate the productivity of employees and decide who to fire

American startup Enaible offered business a new tool to assess employee performance. Developed a system based on machine learning: it calculates each worker’s personal rating, which shows how effectively he copes with the tasks.

the Sum of scores for the “scale of efficiency” can vary from 0 to 100, writes Technology Review. On the basis of these data formed the lists of best and worst employees, which the company management may decide which of the subordinates have to fire and whom to promote.

With the mass transition to remote work format has many new tools that monitor productivity. The program Hubstaff, for example, records all keystrokes on the keyboard, move the mouse and the sites that come in the staff, and Doctor Time — captures video from the screen every ten minutes is webcam the workplace.

But the CEO Enaible Tommy Weir believes that these tools are not effective enough, do not give the full picture and just check it works or not. According to Weir, created his startup AI”HR” goes much further, tracking the workflow is entirely up to how much time a person spends on telephone calls and reading e-mail.

“Imagine that you someone run, and can stand and watch him all day, giving advice on how to do the work, — said the head Enaible. That’s what we’re trying to do. This is what we created.” Most effective, says Weir, the system manifests itself where there are repetitive tasks (e.g., call centers and customer service departments). With more complex and creative professions algorithms handle worse.

But the defenders of the rights of workers say surveillance in the workplace undermines trust and damages morale, and implemented such systems should only after consultation with employees. In particular, the co-founder of non-profit law firm Foxglove Cory Krider, warned that the new technology “can create a huge imbalance in capabilities between workers and management”.

Text: To.Hi-tech