Tense atmosphere this Tuesday, May 31 during the Council of Paris. As our colleagues from Parisian have noted, the mayor Les Républicains of the 7ᵉ arrondissement of Paris was not kind to Anne Hidalgo, who chaired the first council of the capital since her heavy defeat in the presidential election. Object of right-wing elected official’s wrath? An absence scheduled for Wednesday, during a session of topical questions.

Indeed, Anne Hidalgo must go to Madrid on Wednesday at the request of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which has created a foundation to help refugee athletes. A foundation that made it possible, during the last Summer Olympics, to send Afghan or Syrian athletes under a neutral banner of the IOC. Also, the mayor of the capital had asked the other groups of the Council of Paris to bring forward this session of questions by one day. It is an end of inadmissibility which was opposed by the group chaired by Rachida Dati.

“Yes, Paris bores you. Yes, the Parisians bore you. Your presence is as anecdotal as your presidential score, 1.7%,” she said from the benches of the council. Before expanding his criticism to his action in the capital. “You don’t receive Parisians or city officials who complain about it,” insists Rachida Dati. By this reminder to the rules, we remind you of your duties as an elected official. Let us know during your visit to Paris. »

If the boos coming from the municipal majority were not long in coming, they did not slow down the attacks of the borough mayor. Anne Hidalgo did not hesitate to attack her political opponent either. “It escaped me that you won an election,” she snapped at him. Indeed, Rachida Dati ran in the 2020 municipal elections and was defeated by outgoing mayor Anne Hidalgo. And to continue by accusing the Parisian right of wanting to “transform this assembly into a media circus”. “I tell the Parisians who are watching us that I will guarantee that this assembly will not be misguided,” added Anne Hidalgo.

While the next municipal elections are not scheduled before 2026, the current borough mayor does not hide his Parisian ambitions. She hopes to naturally impose herself as the Republican candidate for the next election, the town hall having escaped the right with the non-re-election of Jean Tiberi in 2001.

In any case, Rachida Dati did not hesitate to cite the case of Jacques Chirac on several occasions. Neither one nor two, the socialist majority took advantage of it. “In January, February and March 1995, Jacques Chirac (then mayor of Paris and presidential candidate) opened the three sessions and then slipped away,” said Patrick Bloche, deputy mayor in charge of the Council of Paris. “He won the election! was the response from the right-hand benches. “It was his third application…Wait! Anne Hidalgo relaunched.

“Your presence in Paris is as anecdotal as your score in the presidential election.” When Rachida Dati makes / settles accounts with Anne Hidalgo and denounces her “absenteeism”. Episode 6440. (Paris council video isolated by @mtwit75) pic.twitter.com/KSIJqlQndC