Reichersbeuern – A terrible traffic accident in winter road conditions near Reichersbeuern cost on Saturday a 19-Year-old life. In the case of the collision on Saturday morning on the B472, two people were also severely, and one slightly injured.

As informed by the police, was a 23-Year-old from Waakirchen with his VW Polo between the two rich beurer connection points to Skid and the roadway slipped. There is a 21-year-old man is no longer able to reichersbeuern to Dodge and crashed into his Mitsubishi in the passenger side of the car.

accident on the B472: 19-Year-old dies in hospital, two seriously injured

For the three occupants of the Polo of the impact worst consequences. The driver of the car, and a 26-Year-old from Manchester, who was sitting in the back seat, were seriously delivers injured to hospital in a rescue helicopter was in use. The 19-year-old passenger died in the Tölzer hospital of his injuries.

The three young people to the part in the car and had to initially by the fire Department to be freed were trapped. The driver of the Mitsubishi and his 25-year-old passenger got out with only minor injuries and the horror of it.

The B472 was blocked as a result of the accident for several hours. By order of the public Prosecutor’s office a report to clarify the exact course of a road accident.

to come on Friday, it was in Kreuth, in the district of Miesbach in a violent accident.

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