What do you know about Mahjong games? We bet nothing besides that this is a Chinese online game you play when you kill time. And we do offer you to play free online Mahjong whenever you are. We have collected over 150 games which are available to play no download and in full screen as well. Also, besides playing online games we would like to inform you about the origin of this ancient game.

Where did online Mahjong originally come from?

There are a lot of talks and gossip around this game. Someone says this game was originally invented during World War II, and others say it is very ancient and was invented by an Emperor 1000s years ago.

We may know one for sure, that the Mahjong which you know now, meaning the rules, is a modification of an original game, because once it was transferred to the USA in the 20th century people found this game hard to understand. Americans wanted some activity to spend time and relax. The original Mahjong game had strict and hard rules for understanding.

Nowadays, this online game has been modified more and more. It went online and won the hearts of game lovers. People make competitions and win money playing this. We know several kinds of Mahjong online now:

  • Classic Mahjong. It is a field of tiles, placed in different figures. The aim is to clean up a field by collecting units in pairs.
  • Mahjong Connect. Tiles are located on one layer, but in a square or rectangle. You may collect pairs only if they are able to connect with a straight line, or not more than 2 folds in a line.
  • Mahjong Dimensions. This Type is the most interesting. Tiles form a 3D figure, which you may sin both sides to win.

Online Mahjong to play for free and no download

For your convenience and easy play we have made a site and collected over 150 games on it. The 144mahjong.com is an easy site with HTML5 games. This point means you may play games on every device to want and whenever you are. The game will match your phone screen. No download and no payments while playing and enjoying your free time. You play Mahjong on our site for free. And we keep improving for you.

We keep adding more and more games. We try to look for newest plays and our next step is to develop a brand new, original and unique game of Mahjong just for passionate players. Enjoy your time and play Mahjong. Call a friend or family member. Make a little competition or two. Win over it, take your prize of a wisdom player and enjoy the game again and again.