Jean-Luc Mélenchon promised Friday to “put the package, whatever the cost”, in terms of education if he became Prime Minister, denouncing the generalization of the approach of “the school of the future” of Emmanuel Macron, an “abominable” project which aims “the dismemberment of National Education” according to him.

“It’s abominable, because it means breaking up the French school system into autonomous and competing establishments”, considered the leader of LFI on franceinfo, the day after Emmanuel Macron’s trip to a Marseille school. experimenting.

“It’s not called trusting the field, it’s called dismembering National Education,” added the former candidate for the presidency of the Republic.

Emmanuel Macron indicated Thursday that he wanted to generalize “from the fall” throughout the territory “the school of the future”, an educational experiment carried out in Marseille which aims to give, according to the Elysée, “more freedom and autonomy to educational teams to build a fairer and more inclusive school system”, but contested by the teachers’ unions.

According to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in such an approach, “the programs are not the same from one establishment to another”, nor “the recruitment standards”, which will create “a bonus for cronyism”. Result, “the people (…) will have the double penalty: you will have a baccalaureate, but you will be told yes but it is a baccalaureate from where, from which high school? “, he assured, arguing that part of the programs at the college is already also “at the discretion of each college”.

The leader of the Insoumis highlighted the measures he would apply if the left-wing coalition Nupes won the legislative elections of June 12 and 19: “We will restore the homogeneity of education throughout the country, the diplomas will have the same value, we will remove Parcoursup, the random schedules provided in the college, we will recruit teachers as many as necessary until everyone is well supervised and well educated”.

“I consider that the number one resource of France is its children and their intelligence, so I will put the package – listen to me carefully – whatever it costs”, he assured, taking up the formula of ‘Emmanuel Macron during the health crisis.

He underlined that he preferred the concept of “equal rights”, with “an equal right to a very high quality education wherever one is”, to that of “equal opportunities”, where, as “in the lottery, everyone who plays has the same chance of winning, but only one wins”.

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