The new Minister for the Ecological Transition Amélie de Montchalin defended Friday the “coherence” of the government architecture concerning the fight against climate change, without excluding the addition of new portfolios.

“Obviously, I do not have the gift of ubiquity”, underlined Ms. de Montchalin on France 2, while actors in particular in housing and transport regretted that these two important sectors did not have a specific holder in the government. currently.

In the previous government, these two sectors each had a deputy minister, attached to the Ecological Transition, then also responsible for energy who now has a specific ministry for “Energy Transition”.

“The President and the Prime Minister have said it, the government team will be completed after the legislative elections according to the subjects (which they) want to complete, strengthen”, declared Ms. de Montchalin, whose ministry bears the new title of ” Ecological transition and territorial cohesion”.

“What is certain is that this ministry has consistency: if we talk about developing jobs in the neighborhoods, it goes with access to housing, it goes with the development of transport. Our jobs, the housing, transport, it works together in our daily life, so it is very good news that we have put under the same roof subjects which concern all French people”, developed the minister.

“Obviously, there are subjects which are more specific”, such as “territorial inequalities” which will have to be “resolved with an adapted housing policy, with modernized transport and that we do it while respecting ecology”, has she said.

“I believe that we must be able to do ecology without going against the economy. (…) I believe that ecology must be done without dividing the French,” she added.

“My challenge today is that all French people in all territories see a better life” and “a better life is not a less good life, it is not decline”, a- she noted, believing that “many projects of the Nupes (left electoral alliance around Jean-Luc Mélenchon) would not be, in the economy we know today, things that would work”.

03/06/2022 11:27:03 –         Paris (AFP) –         © 2022 AFP