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France Identity: dematerializing your identity card will soon be child’s play


“It’s a revolution.” The mythical phrase of Steve Jobs could totally apply to this small change that has just taken place in our hands. Since Thursday, September 7, you can dematerialize your identity card directly from your smartphone, whether it runs Android or an iPhone. Nothing could be simpler, just download the application developed by the State: France Identity.

For the moment, only the new identity card – in bank card format – distributed since summer 2021 can be dematerialized. Tests are still in progress in order to extend the application to the driving license and the Vitale card, specifies Le Parisien.

Concretely, it will take you a few minutes to have a digital version of your identity card. Once the app is installed on your smartphone, all you need to do is scan the card or enter a six-digit code found at the bottom right of the front of your ID. You then need to stick the card to your phone. This will be able to recognize it thanks to the NFC function, the same technique that allows you to pay for purchases without direct contact by presenting your phone to a bank terminal.

“France Identity” will also ask you to confirm your identity. And this, by requiring you to identify yourself using France Connect, whether with your account on the Tax website or by using “Digital identity” developed by La Poste. Then, the application will ask you to define a personal code in order to finalize the dematerialization.

Once the procedure is completed, you will be able to edit identity documents in a few seconds. You can even specify the recipient and/or the administrative process in order to further secure your certificate. Note that this is for single use. One way to avoid identity theft.

However, do not misplace your good old card in physical format. Indeed, some operators have decided to refuse to recognize these dematerialized identity documents. Thus, in the case of a trip with the SNCF, the controller will continue to ask you for your identity card in order to confirm that you are in good standing.