Will Twitter become “X” become a full-time business? This Tuesday, August 8, some French users of the social network announced that they had received “their first Twitter pay”. Amounts that vary depending on the popularity of the tweets posted in recent months. While some have announced that they have only received a few cents, others have posted amounts of several thousand euros.

The arrival of monetization was a promise from Elon Musk, who wants users to be able to recover some of the revenue generated by advertisements appearing under their tweets. “This is part of our efforts to help people earn a living directly from X,” the social network announced on June 13. This program, called “Ads Revenue Sharing”, is however vague, because no indication has been given on how these amounts are calculated.

Surprise! Today we launched our Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program. We’re expanding our creator monetization offering to include ads revenue sharing for creators. This means that creators can get a share in ad revenue, starting in the replies to their posts. This is part of our…

To qualify for this revenue, users must tick several boxes: be a Twitter Blue subscriber (or be a verified business), have at least 500 followers, and have generated at least 15 million impressions on their posts in the last three months . A data that has been revised upwards: initially, the social network had indicated that 5 million impressions would be enough.

Messages thanking Elon Musk have flourished on the social network. For the moment, no Internet user has received money in his bank account. They only received a kind of payslip indicating the amount to which they will be entitled. Regarding the payments, X did not specify the date on which they will be effective. In the meantime, the sums can be viewed on Stripe, an online payment processing platform.

Elon Musk introduced this remuneration to users generating the most traffic on his social network in order to attract new subscribers to X Premium. Many people have already said they want to subscribe to the subscription in order to benefit from this advantage.